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Pre-stressing heads 4.0

STAM Carpenterie Srl division proposes innovative active and passive pre-stressing headsproduced ex-novo or modernizing existing heads, for the tension of the strands in prestressed concrete.

Incentives industry 4.0

This tension system can be equipped on request with a robotic tension management system which enables the company customer to get the incentives for digitisation.

The robotic system allows controlling the operations in remote, directly from internal and/or external technical offices.

Added to this is the punctual service that supports the customer in each operational phase.

Why choose this mechanism?

Stam mosaico
  • Higher robustness and reliability
  • Maintenance simplified and less linked to the intervention of specialized personnel
  • Lower cost of the spare parts
  • Higher assembly and disassembly speed
  • Greater ease of use by the operator
  • Higher quality and consistent performance
  • Greater reuse of the wedges due to the minor stresses induced during the tension
  • Lower environmental impact (lower CO2 produced  and saving of steel strands)
  • Quick cleaning of the bushings after removing the prefabricated formworks and less wear as a result
  • Cost reduction thanks to the almost total elimination of the scraps of the strands
  • Rationalization of the workplace and qualitative improvement of the few remaining operations borne by the workers

Our goal is to simplify the mechanism as much as possible. In order to do so, we removed all the complex hydraulic devices normally used and we realized the drive system with a simple endless screw controlled by a gear motor.